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15 Web 2.0 Blogs & 5,000 Backlinks Pyramid

We will create 15 different Web 2.0 Blogs with an article that will contain your anchor text. You can provide the article, or we can scrape an article on the internet and use it for the 15 blogs. After that is completed, we will than submit at least 5,000 Blog Comment backlinks that will be pointed to the 15 blogs. That is a pyramid. Only the 15 Blogs will be pointing to your money site.

Many of the 15 Web 2.0 Blogs are high PR and will help improve your website in the search engine rankings.

Backlink pyramids consist of building links in a systematic way, making use of popular web 2.0 sites as the base for you links and then building a layer of interconnected backlinks that point to the various blogs.

Here is an example of a typical Web 2.0 site with an article that contains the anchor text:

By consistently adopting this kind of backlink pyramid building strategy, you’ll be building a web of links which all ultimately lead to your website, whereas your website doesn’t link back to any of the linking sites. The link pyramid theory focuses on the importance of not only having a diversified backlink portfolio, but also the natural backlinking process in which search engines want to happen.

As competition increases on the world wide web, it is necessary to make sure that websites are linked to other websites. You want to increase your backlink count so that your website will rise to the top of the Search Engines, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars a year paying other webmasters for links or linking services, you don’t want to clutter up your own site with links and “bleed” what Page Rank you may already have, and you don’t have time to post endlessly on forums and blogs for “backlink power”. It would take many hours if you tried doing it all manually.

Our service will do all the work for you. And you will receive a report after submission, listing all the links of the Web 2.0 Blog sites and the 5,000 backlinks that will point to the Blogs and NOT your money site.