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.EDU Backlinks

EDU link building is widely accepted and proven to provide and pass on a lot of "trust rank" to your URL. Each edu link is worth a lot more link juice than any other standard forum profile keyword link. You can choose your anchor text, thereby giving you targeted link juice for your particular keyword.

You probably know that EDU sites have a considerable amount of trust from search engines, especially from Google. You know why? The world wide web has millions of .com, .org, .net, etc... domains. These domains can be purchased by anyone at any time. However ONLY Educational institutions can purchase a EDU domain. All of the EDU domains are Universities, Colleges, Schools, etc.

There are various factors that make edu links highly valuable in the sight of search engines. The first and foremost reason is that only registered educational institutions can obtain .edu domains. Secondly, .edu websites are far less common when compared with other traditional domains, which makes them more valuable. Finally itís not so easy to obtain backlinks from high PR pages or from .edu or .gov websites.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo consider backlinks from .edu as more authoritative than the conventional .com, .net or .org websites.

Buy EDU backlink :: Get EDU backlinks :: EDU link building :: EDU text linkWebmasters are getting tired when improving their sites. So get edu backliks! It's the best way to improve your rankings. And when you move to a better search position, you are getting visitors, traffic and of course - income.

Edu sites are powerful ones, Google really loves them. SEO experts agree that EDU links carry much more value and weight than any other domains

Note:  Most of the links we provide are No Folllow backlinks posted on EDU blogs. An EDU backlink still counts and helps, and it does not matter if it is Do Follow or No Follow. It's still a backlink with your anchor text linked to your website.


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